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Zigbee Garden Timer

QOTO zigbee garden timer uses ZigBee technology which has greater wireless coverage and more reliable connection than WiFi.


Zigbee Garden Timer

You can schedule, manually operate without climbing through your shrubs to access the timer. You can connect to your timer with the push of a button via the home screen in the app. It also allows you to water down to minutes, which is great for gardening, hydroponics, filling pet dishesor even bird baths.

zigbee garden timer

QT-05-water timer

Quick Start Guide

1) Power the Wi-Fi Gateway & Timer

a. Plug the Wi-Fi Gateway into an indoor outlet.

b. Insert 2 AA Batteries into the timer.

(The battery tray is under the timer. Batteries are not included)

2) Initial Tuya or smartlife App Setup

Download the Tuya or Smartlife App, then create an account and login.

3) Pair the Wi-Fi Gateway

a. Click the button "Add Device" or "+" on the home page of the app.

b. Choose "Add Manually" and "Power strip", and then click "power strip(BLE+WiFi)".

c. Follow the app setup wizard. Press and hold the button on the Wi-Fi Gateway around 5 seconds until a blue LED light rapidly flashing.

d. Enter Wi-Fi Password and connect with Wi-Fi. (Only 2.4G Wi-Fi are supported).

Note: If your router is a dual-band router, please independently enable the 2.4GHz WiFi band and name it differently from the 5GHz WiFi band.

4) Pair the Wi-Fi Hose end water timer

a. After successfully pairing with Wi-Fi Gateway and connecting to Wi-Fi, click the button "Manager added devices" on the app to add your timer.

b. Follow the app setup wizard. Press and hold the button on your timer around 5 seconds until the blue LED light rapidly flashing.

c. Once the timer is paired successfully, the APP will show "Device added successfully" .

5) Install the Timer on the Outdoor Faucet

6) Program Your Timer on APP

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