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Wireless Automatic Shutoff Valve

Tech Spec
Automatically shut off the water main when there is a leak. Pair the Water Main Shut-Off with a few Leak Sensors, and configure your Hub to automatically close the valve when water is detected.
Install in a vacation or second home to conveniently shut off the water when going out of town. Configure your Hub to automatically turn it on or off depending on your GPS coordinates! For indoor use only!
Use on any quarter-turn ball valve up to 1-1/2" in size. Automate your water boiler, Radiant heat system, or something else ancient you never thought you could automate!


What Can Wireless Water Shut Off Valves Do?

Imagine being able to turn off your water valve immediately, without having to be in close proximity to the pipes, and in a few taps of your phone's screen. That's basically how wireless or Wi-Fi water shut off valves work.

These smart water shut off valves give you hands-free control over the main valve. Well, technically, you'd be using your hand to work your smartphone or any other type of remote, but what we mean is that you don't have to actually lay your hands on the valve to turn it off. This is especially helpful when you have valves that are difficult to access.

Wireless water shut off valves act as the emergency shut off mechanisms for when you want to turn off the water supply immediately at the slightest hint of a plumbing problem. This way, you will be able to prevent damage to your property due to these plumbing issues.



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