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Lora/GSM Based Solar Powered High Efficient Drip Irrigation System for Coffee Farm


Lora/GSM Based Solar Powered High Efficient Drip Irrigation System for Coffee Farm

The introduction of irrigation reduces the percentage of dried flowers (stars) from 57% to less than 5%, with some percentages practically negligible (Rena / Maestri, 1987 and Thomaziello, 1999). When the productivity results of non-irrigated, irrigated and fertigated coffee were compared, there were increases of 66% and 123% in the irrigated and fertigated zones respectively (Antunes). According to Mantovani (2003), the irrigation of coffee plants is recommended for most coffee-producing regions in Brazil.

The need for irrigation stems not only from the water shortage, but also from the annual mean temperatures. With temperatures below 18o C, irrigation is necessary with an annual water shortage of 150 mm. With temperatures between 18ºC and 24ºC the water shortage is more damaging. In these cases irrigation is recommended with water shortage of 100 mm.

In 2003 it was estimated that 8-10% of the Brazilian coffee plantations — a total of 200,000 Ha — were already being irrigated. This irrigation took place mainly in the states of Espiritu Santo (60-65%), Minas Gerais (20-25%) and Bahía (10-15%).

coffee plantation irrigation

Product description

LoRa base smart irrigation system for smart garden. What QOTO smart irrigation system provide for users:

1. Remote control valve open and close by percentage, feedback of order delivery

2. Irrigate plants according their growing circle and soil condition while the system collect data from various sensor

3. Regulate water pressure via valve opening percentage. Motorized valve structure can allow valve open without worry of low water pressure

4. Flowmeter and pressure gauge can be connected into platform and realize intelligent linkage.

5. Fault alarm, water showtage alarm and low power alarm are available to provide a secure irrigation

product model



18650 lithium battery(wide temperature),

battery capacity: 2000mAh,two pcs

solar panel

Monocrystalline silicon 5V 0.6W

botton connector port

solar power charging port:9V-30V

USB charging port:DC9V 1A

flow meter

built-in flow meter

max speed:10m/s

min speed:0.3m/s

working pressure:5kg/cm^2

ball valve torque


Max power



low power mode

sleep current:<10uA

non low power mode

stand-by current:NB<48mA,4G<65mA,lora<26mA

wireless communication specification



结构图 QT-01-F

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