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Forged Steel Gate Valve With Electric Actuator

Valve material: forged steel A105 valve size: DN250 electric actuator: Multi-turn type voltage:480V


forged steel gate valve with electric actuator

Multi-turn valve electric actuator, known by the name of Z-type, which is used for opening, closing or adjusting  the valves, is an essential actuating device which can be used for remote control, centralized control and self control  to the valves, with features of comprehensive function , reliable performance, advanced control system, small  volume, light weight, convenient application and maintenance an so on .It can be applicable to the valves, whose  open-close parts will move in a straight line, such as gate valve, stop valve, diaphragm valve, anchor gate, water gate  valve and so on.. The actuator can be used in the industries like electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical engineering,  paper-making, sewage disposal and so on. There are many types for multi-turn electric actuator: outdoor type, explosion-proof type, integral type,  integral-regulation type, integral explosion –proof type , integral-regulation explosion –proof type and so on .It can  be divided into torque type and thrust type according to the connection type. The performance of the product shall conform to the specification in JB/T8528-1997 Technical Condition for  Common Valve’s Electrical Devices. The performance of the explosion-proof product shall conform to the specifications in GB3836.1-2000 The Electrical Equipment used in Explosive Gas Atmosphere: the first part:  General Rdquirements,GB3836.2-2000 The Electrical Equipment used in Explosive Gas Atmosphere: the second  part: Explosion-proof type “d”, and JB/T8529-1997 Technical Condition for Explosion-proof Valve’s Electrical  Devices. And it has passed the verification of National Quality Supervision & Testing Centre for Explosion-proof  Electrical Products, and has got the Conformity Certificate of Protection of the whole series. And we have got the  manufacturing license of industrial of industrial products approved by General Administration of Quality  Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

Valve introduction

1.Body: A105+STL

2.Wedge: A105

3.Seat: A105+STL

4.Stem: 2Cr13


6.Gasket Ring:304


8.Bonnet Clamp:A105


10.Packing Spacer Ring: 304

11.Bonnet Nuts:2H

12.Bonnet Bolts: B7

13.Slotted Bolt Tray:A105

14.Bolts: B7

15.Slotted Bolt Tray:A105


17.Gland Flange:A105

18:Slotted Nuts:2H

19. Slotted Bolt:B7

20. Electric Nut:D-2

21. Holder:WCB

22. Electric Actuator: Assembling Unit

Z960Y-2500LB DN250_00

A B C D E F G φH φI φJ K L M φN O P Q
PT18 165 268 358 230 119 41 11 457 101 229 265 30 179 217 253 233 87
PT20/25 230 345 388 230 119 41 25 650 127 229 265 30 199 217 303 285 108
PT35 247 368 402 230 120 42 40 786 151 229 307 30 222 217 341 315 122
A B C D E F G φH φI φJ K L M φN O P Q R
PT70/90 335 521 503 230 175 35 61 432 178 438 358 30 272 217 60 517 384 140
PT91 360 545 503 230 175 35 61 432 222 438 358 30 272 217 60 517 384 140
PT95 335 521 503 230 175 35 61 432 178 438 358 30 272 217 60 517 384 140


Z type electric actuator is consisted of motor, speed reducer, torque controller, motion controller,  opening position indicator, manual-electric shifter, hand wheel and electric parts. The conventional  type is sealing with ground surfaces; the outdoor type applies the round rabbet and o-seal ring seal;  The explosion-proof type has the same sealing structure as the outdoor type, is added by the  explosion-proof surface, and applies explosion-proof type connecting box and three phase motor used for  the outdoors, anti corrosion, explosion-proof type electric valve of the YBDF series. The transmission  principal is shown on Figure 4.

5.1 Motor: The outdoor type applies the YDF type, the explosion-proof type applies the three phase  asynchronous motor dedicated for the YBDF type valve. 

5.2 Speed reducer: it is consisted of one pair of spur gear and worm gear. The motive power of motor  is transmitted to the output axis through the speed reducer. 

5.3 Torque controller: The torque controller is divided into the outdoor type and explosion–proof type. Refer to Figure  5 for the structure. 

5.3.1The outdoor type series: when the output axis is subject to some torque, besides the rotation, the  worm also generates the axial displacement and drives the crank. During the crank movement, it drives  the axis and cam to compress the sensitive switch to cut off the motor power and stop the motor rotation.  In this way, the output torque of the electric actuator is controlled to protect the electric valve. 

5.3.2The explosion-proof type: When the output axis is subject to a certain torque, besides the rotation,  the worm also generated the axial displacement and drives the crank to make the block generate the  angular displacement, to compress the cam to uplift the bracket. When the torque on the output axis  increases to the setting torque, the bracket is uplifted until the sensitive switch moves to cut  off the motor power and stop the motor rotation. In this way ,the output torque of the electric actuator  is controlled to protect the electric valve

figure55.4Motion controller: It applies the principal of decimal counter with high control accuracy. It is the complete line of  general purpose part, and we can refer to Figure 6 for its structure. The following is the operating  principal of the motion controller: one pair of big and small bevel bears inside the reduction gearbox  will drive the driving pinion(Z=8), and then drive the motion controller to work .If the motion controller  has been regulated according to the open position and close position of valve, and when the controller  turns to the preset position(number of turns) along with the output axis, the cam will turn 90° to drive  the sensitive switch to actuate , which can cut the motor power supply, and stop the motor, and so achieve  the control to the travel(number of turns)of electric actuator

figure65.5 Opening position indicator: It is the complete line of general purpose part, and we can refer to Figure 7 for its structure.  Input gear is driven by the units order gear of counter , and after speed reduction, the indicator disc will rotate together with the opening and closing process of the valve to indicate the opening or closing  of the valve. The axis of the potentiometer and indicator disc turns synchronously for the remote  transmitting opening indication, and move the aligning gear for number of turning can change the number  of turning. Inside the opening indicator, there are a sensitive switch and cam, and when the electric  actuator runs, the rotating cam will make the sensitive switch actuate periodically with the frequency  of working once or twice when output axis rotates one circle, which can be used for flashing signal etc.


Manual-Electric shifter It is the semi automatic switch with its structure referring to the Figure 8, which consists of handle,  cam frame, upright rod, middle clutch, compressed spring and so on. When operating with handle, first  push the switch handle to the position of manual operation, the cam will turn together with the handle  axis, which will make the frame supporting on the cam surface be uplifted, and at the same time, the  middle clutch, which is on the frame ,and can make axial movement on the output axis, will be uplifted  too , and compress the compressed spring .When the handle is pushed to certain position , the middle  clutch will disengage with worm wheel, whereas it will engage with hand wheel, and then the acting force  on the hand wheel will be transmitted to the output axis through the middle clutch , which turns into  the manual operation state. When the frame is uplifted to a certain height, under the action of torsion  spring, the upright rod fixed to the frame will stand erect on the end face of the worm wheel to support  the frame in order to make the middle clutch not fall down. After pushed to the manual operation position,  the handle can be released, and then carry on the operation with hand wheel. When the motor drives the  turning of the worm wheel, the upright rod will come to the ground, and the middle clutch will move towards  the direction of worm wheel rapidly, and engage with worm wheel, at the same time disengage with the  hand wheel, which turns into the electric state.(when using manual switching , if you can not switch  to the manual position, please switch over the handle and at the same time turn the hand wheel.)


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