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LoRa base smart irrigation system
LoRa base smart irrigation system solution, using LoRa wireless transmission technology, whose longest communication distance is 3km, sets different watering strategies to achieve customized and automated watering according to the different irrigation of crops Requirements, with low power consumption and communication with smart gateway through 470Mhz radio frequency signal.

According to the online monitoring of climatic factors and soil environmental factors of irrigation zone environment, combined with the physiological and ecological characteristics of crops, the valve can be controlled to open and close without any water pressure, which accurately grasps the timing of irrigation, reduce ineffective irrigation, and save water.
Communication Architecture

LoRa base smart irrigation system solution, based on LoRa wireless spread spectrum and 4G/ cellular network communication technology, uses LoRa gateway + LoRa wireless control terminal + LoRa wireless acquisition terminal hardware equipment(LoRa DTU), combined with the agricultural IoT platform, to achieve remote unlimited distance data acquisition, remote control function.

Hardware equipment

①LoRa Smart Gateway
As an information transfer station, it has its own battery and supports master-slave mode, one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-one communication methods. Through LoRa wireless communication, obtain plants growing environment parameters, including: soil moisture, illuminance, atmospheric pressure, reservoir liquid level and other data, and upload to QOTO Internet of Things cloud by 2G/3G/4G/Ethernet and other communication methods platform;

②LoRa wireless control terminal
This type of equipment includes electric butterfly valve, ball valve and other types. It operates with low power consumption and can be used in complex environments such as high temperature, high humidity and dust in agriculture. According to actual application requirements; up to 50 wireless control terminals can be connected in parallel;

③LoRa wireless acquisition terminal(LoRa DTU)
The types include wind speed and direction, liquid level, soil temperature and humidity, pressure, voltage, water immersion, illuminance, etc. LoRa wireless collectors operate with low power consumption, upload data once a minute, and the communication distance can reach 1KM;
System function

1. Data collection: Automatically collect data such as temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, and illuminance, as well as the power, voltage, and signal of each hardware device. By default, data is collected and uploaded once a minute. The collection frequency for obtaining agricultural environmental parameters can be set at will. Users can have a Real-time viewing on cloud platform;

2. Flexible irrigation: realize remote control through the mobile APP and computer software provided by the cloud platform, remotely set the opening time/end time of the valve, and the watering time, realize automatic timing irrigation, circular irrigation, and remote automatic switching control;

3. Intelligent linkage: Combined with soil moisture monitoring, meteorological environment monitoring and other systems, using edge computing function, intelligent linkage realizes automatic irrigation;

4. Intelligent automatic control: According to actual needs, you can choose fixed-point/week, day/night/period, linkage/interlock, sensor trigger, condition combination, scene and other modes. Take the day/night/period mode as an example, in the day/night mode, you can set the daily daytime / Different control actions at night, support jog delay; in time period mode, support specific actions in different time intervals, support jog delay, and intelligent operation;

5. Cloud configuration: Customize the name, display style, range conversion, dynamic configuration editing, etc. of the gateway, control terminal, acquisition terminal and other equipment;

6. Data analysis: According to the data obtained by the loRa wireless collection terminal, the curve graph is automatically produced and stored on the cloud platform, and refreshed at a frequency of 3 seconds. It can also be queried on mobile phones and computers in Excel form to analyze and compare the changes before and after irrigation to develop a reasonable irrigation strategy;

7. Automatic alarm: for the switch status of each device in the system, the upper and lower limits of the data obtained by the collection terminal, etc., it will automatically alarm, and give early warning to farmers through APP push, SMS etc.;

8. Centralized management: support GIS map function, view and detect multiple irrigation scenarios, and centrally monitor the status of application equipment in the system;

9. Video monitoring: support access to network high-definition cameras to expand the monitoring of irrigation scenes, and the pictures are stored on the cloud platform together with environmental data;

10. Account management: Cloud platform login users have divided permissions, including administrators, operators and other permissions;

11. Private deployment: support customized deployment of different styles of private platforms, provide server API interface to support secondary development calls, provide full-featured API interface, support users to develop their own APP, applet and other front-end software, eliminating the need for server back-end development work, reduce the difficulty of platform development by 80%, and reduce the development workload by 80%;
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